One Woman’s Everest Climb Guides You To Success

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“This exciting book shows you how to set big, inspiring goals, and then back them with desire, discipline and determination.”-Brian Tracy, author of “No Excuses, The Power of Self-Discipline.”

“As an accomplished climber and adventurer, Laurie Bagley did the hard work to fulfill her dream. Her heartfelt advice and wonderful spirit will help you face your own challenges to reach your own personal summits.” Erik Weihenmayer, Blind Adventurer, Author and first blind climber to do the “Seven Summits.”

Have you ever found yourself wanting to move forward with a big dream but for whatever reasons you have not?

The experiences on Everest taught me how to manage my time, energy, and resources, not just to stay alive but to accomplish what I had worked so hard for and which very few people have the honor of experiencing. As the 6th US woman to summit the North Col Route I felt a sense of awe and affirmation that the process works. Turning your dreams into reality is no more then a series of steps that anyone can take advantage of when they are willing and persistent. My journey was a testament, and the view from the top of the world was part of the reward. This goal setting book is for anyone wanting to accomplish a big dream and for women/young women taking on a new endeavor. The goal setting process in this book is also offered as a one day workshop or 2 day seminar. Details at This book offers the following:

  • A simple step by step approach designed to take you where you are currently and assist you with accomplishing your goal.
  • Each chapter provides motivating examples and stories intended to illustrate the chapter highlights.
  • Exercises to provide direction, clarity and practice follow each chapter
  • Tools, strategies, motivation, inspiration and goal development/accomplishment.

 I trust you will find my insights and experiences helpful.

Enjoy the read!